Trading Nike's post-earnings tumble

Nike shares slid after disappointing earnings Tuesday, but some "Fast Money" said investors should not fret, yet.

"These earnings weren't bad. They just missed really good estimates," said trader Brian Kelly, noting the stock enjoyed a "nice run" before the dip.

The sportswear giant posted diluted profit of 55 cents per share for its fiscal 2016 third-quarter on $8.03 billion in revenue. Earnings climbed 22 percent from 45 cents in the previous year, while sales rose 8 percent from $7.46 billion.

Nike's Elite Series Gold Collection
Source: Nike Basketball | Facebook
Nike's Elite Series Gold Collection

While Nike beat Wall Street's earnings expectation, it fell short of sales estimates.

Trader Tim Seymour, who owns Nike shares, said investors should stick with the stock. He noted Nike's dominance in the athletic wear market and said people were inclined to sell because of the stock's recent strength.

Shares have climbed 27 percent in the last year.

However, trader David Seaburg cautioned about possible difficulty ahead. He said he saw "cracks in the foundation," like discounting on online shoe sales.


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