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Careers with the biggest gender pay gap

Man against woman

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Careers with the biggest gender pay gap

If nothing else, the uproar over comments about men's and women's earnings in professional tennis drives home the fact that a gender pay gap stubbornly persists.

Women in the U.S. earn less than 80 cents for every dollar a man takes home, and comments by Novak Djokovic and Raymond Moore, former tournament director at Indian Wells, suggest that some men believe equal pay may not always be appropriate. The overall gender pay gap also reflects the fact that women often work in lower-paying industries, or have shorter tenure in their jobs, among other differences.

Now the jobs site has analyzed what happens to the gender pay gap after adjusting for attributes like age and education, and comparing men and women in the same occupations. It turns out that the gap shrinks but does not disappear.

Read on to find the industries with the biggest pay gaps.

— By CNBC's Kelley Holland
Posted 23 March 2016

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