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'Polar Vortex' set to menace US in a week: Report

The "polar vortex" hits Detroit, Michigan.
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Those over-60 degree temperatures parts of the U.S. has been enjoying in the last few weeks? They may be little more than a head fake by Mother Nature. reported on Saturday that the dreaded "Polar Vortex" — a formation of arctic air that has menaced swaths of the country for the better part of the last few winters — is set to return in early April. According to the forecast, the temperature shift may bring "record cold to parts of the Midwest and East."

As Spring begins its first full month, temperatures will average 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit below normal, Accuweather said. Some of the coldest air will target the North Central States, with New York City seeing 40-degree temperatures. A separate forecast this week from Weather 2000 also predicted a return of a "Vernal Vortex" that would likely mean colder air through early April.

On the bright side, the report did not predict any more snow. Just this week, the West was hammered by significant snow that left Denver and other parts of Colorado paralyzed by a blizzard. Just last week, light snow fell in parts of the Northeast — but a far cry from the snow that buried the region in January.

Accuweather's full report can be found on its website.

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