Janus PM: 5 stocks to survive a market drop

Stocks may be on pace for their monthly gains since October, but many are worried that the recent rally may be slowing down.

So, if you're worried that the downturn could continue, where can you hide?

Janus' Portfolio Manager Marc Pinto has a list of 5 stocks that are so strong they'll survive a stock market drop. The five-star fund manager believes in growth stocks, he told CNBC's Halftime Report. "In an environment of low rates and modest economic conditions, growth equities will outperform the general market."

Here is Pinto's list of stocks worth watching:

Boeing: The commercial airliner is in really good shape and growing in emerging markets, he said. "There's a demand for aircrafts coming out of China," Pinto argued.

Alphabet: Google's parent company is well-positioned to capture digital advertising, according to Pinto.

Microsoft: The tech company's cloud infrastructure excites Pinto and he believes it is well valued. "There's growth here and valuations seem reasonable," Pinto said.

Adobe: According to Pinto, Adobe has plenty of upside to gain news users.

MasterCard: In the payment space, this is Pinto's favorite company. "MasterCard is well-positioned to gain international market share," he said.

Pinto manages the 5-star $13 billion Janus Balanced Fund, which has returned 7-percent in the 10 years, beating 96 percent of peers.

—By CNBC Producer Bree Kelly. Follow her on Twitter @Bree_Kelly