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Power Lunch Morning Brief

Regis Duvignau | Reuters

A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are higher after yesterday's Janet Yellen-goosed rally. Investors will be looking at this morning's ADP private payrolls report for March, where 200K net new jobs are expected.

-Mortgage applications fell by 1% last week, mostly because of fewer refinances.

-It's been a great month for emerging markets, with capital inflows surging to a 21-month high.

-And venture capital firms are raising money at the highest rate in 15 years.


-Crude prices are up on less than expected supply reports. We're back at the $38/barrel level. Nat gas is almost back to $2.

-Gasoline prices edged up fractionally and are at $2.04/gallon, national average.


-Donald Trump has dropped his pledge to support the GOP nominee if it's not him. And Ted Cruz and John Kasich are basically non-committal about supporting Trump if he is the nominee.

-Wisconsin's Republican Party leaders are uniting strongly against Trump. The state's primary is April 5.

-Trump is standing by his campaign manager after he was charged with battery.


-More confirmation is coming in for CNBC's story last week that the Israeli company Cellebrite hacked the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone for the FBI. But Apple is demanding more info.


-Hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon's environmental charitable trust says it was defrauded by fellow hedge fund manager Andrew Caspersen.


-Family members of US military and government personnel in Turkey are being told to leave the country.

-This comes as Turkish President Erdogan comes to Washington today to meet with President Obama.


-Boeing is announcing big layoffs due to weaker demand for jets. Up to 4,500 jobs are on the block this year.

-CNBC's Phil Lebeau has attained an email from the United Airlines pilots union calling for picketing the PAR and Altimeter hedge funds in Boston on April 6.

-The Pentagon is sticking with Raytheon's $4.1 billion GPS III ground system despite the fact that it's $1 billion over budget and 6 years late.

-The US is beefing up its military presence in Eastern Europe.

-Lockheed Martin has found a $480 million buyer for its massive airships that can deliver huge amounts of cargo to remote places without roads.


-The Foxconn board has approved the deal to buy Sharp.


-A new Blue Cross report shows that Obamacare patients are sicker and more costly than expected. This raises the chances for even steeper rate hikes next year.


-Netflix's admission that it's doing just what it complained about telecom companies doing to it - namely controlling and slowing download speeds for some of its customers - is a possible death blow for the push for "net neutrality."

-A solar plant in California partly owned by Google is failing and it will cost taxpayers $1.6 billion.


-The global elderly population is exploding and is expected to double by 2050.