LG announces more powerful wireless charging

LG says it has developed wireless charging technology that's just as powerful as wired chargers.

LG's Innotek division said Thursday that the new wireless tech will be in mass production later this year.

The charging system consists of a 15-watt transmission module, which sends a charge to a receiver inside a smart phone. This new system can charge a drained battery up to 50 percent of its maximum battery life in 30 minutes, according to LG Innotek. It said that means charging can happen three times faster than with existing wireless charging technology, which currently delivers 5 watts of electricity.

With its new charging tech, LG could ultimately find itself competing with Apple and other smartphone makers on a new front.

"Our view is that the industry is quickly migrating towards wireless charging technology and see a high probability that [Apple's] iPhone 7, expected to launch this September, will include wireless charging capabilities," said S&P Global Market Intelligence technology analyst Angelo Zino. "Primary competitors like Samsung already have wireless charging in their devices and are a leg up in that respect, but Apple cares more about providing the best possible offerings to its consumers rather than being first," Zino said in an email to CNBC.

Apple has not confirmed that it's working on wireless charging, and declined to comment.

Wireless phone charging isn't new. For instance Powermat wireless charging tech, now sold under the Duracell brand name, was introduced in 2009. General Motors integrated that technology into certain 2015 Cadillac models.