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10 hottest fintech start-ups to watch right now

New York's Wall Street.

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Fintech – or financial technology – was a buzzword in 2015 with start-ups raising large sums of money and talking up the "disruption" they could cause the established players from banks to payment firms.

Last year, financing for fintech start-ups hit over $20 billion, a 66 percent increase on the $12 billion recorded in 2014, according to KPMG.

And new technologies could see up to 30 percent of jobs eliminated from the banking industry, Citigroup said in a study published last week, highlighting the threat to traditional companies.

So who are the hottest entrepreneurs and companies? Independent organization FinTech 50 has put together a list of the top 10 European start-ups "transforming financial services". A panel of 30 industry experts which includes the U.K. government's special envoy for fintech, Eileen Burbidge, and UBS CIO Oliver Bussmann, picked the companies that they saw as "game-changers".

In no particular order CNBC runs you through the fintech start-ups to watch.

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