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In the polling places and on the airwaves, there remains a high level of uncertainty about who will be the next U.S. president. Not so on Wall Street and the markets.

Recent indications from deep-pocketed institutional investors as well as those who frequent prediction markets say Hillary Clinton will win. And it's not close.

More than 70 percent of respondents to a recent Citigroup poll of institutional clients viewed the former secretary of state, first lady and New York senator as the likely 45th president. Just over 10 percent give Donald Trump the nod, while fellow Republican John Kasich is a few points behind. Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Ted Cruz barely register. (The poll was taken before Sanders and Cruz scored big primary wins Tuesday in Wisconsin.)

The online predictions markets, where traders can place their bets on politics and a host of other events, tell a similar story.

On PredictIt, Clinton traded early Wednesday at a price of 59 cents a share, which equates to the probability participants give her to be the ultimate winner. Trump is at 17 cents, Sanders at 16 cents and Cruz at 15 cents.