Gold-plated retro NES console on sale for $5K

Courtesy: Analogue

Retro video game console maker Analogue has given the 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) a glamorous makeover.

Ten gold-plated consoles are going on sale for the less than playful price of $4,999.

Analogue – which repairs and remodels old consoles - said the limited edition 24-carat machine is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nintendo's smash hit game, "The Legend of Zelda".

To help ease the pain of the hefty price tag, each console comes with a free Zelda cartridge, according to its website.

The original NES was home to such famous games as Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Bionic Commando and Metroid. The legendary machine helped to advance home entertainment in the 1980s but is no longer made by its Japanese creators. It originally cost close to $300 but consoles can now be found on auction site eBay for around $100.

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Nintendo figures released in 2014 estimated 62 million NES consoles have been sold around the world since its release date in 1983.

Seattle-based Analogue had already released an updated version of the NES in 2015, refurbishing original Nintendo parts within an aluminum casing.

That version sells for $500 dollars but is currently listed as out of stock on the Analogue website, making the golden console your only current option.