Ivanka Trump scarves made in China recalled

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka took to the stage in Bethpage, New York on Wednesday, detailing how her father would make "an excellent president", negotiate "tough new trade deals" and "bring jobs back to America".

Yet hours earlier Ms Trump was under pressure for the same thing her father has spoken out against in his speeches: manufacturing many of her products overseas, and producing items of questionable quality.

On Wednesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced it was recalling 20,000 scarves made by Ms Trump's fashion line Ivanka Trump because they did not meet the federal flammability standards for clothing in the US and posed "a burn risk" for the people wearing them.

While the scarves were being sold at US retailers including Century 21, Lord & Taylor, Marshalls and TJ Maxx, as well as online at Amazon, all of the scarves were produced in China, the commission said.

"Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scarves and return them to the place where purchased for a full refund," it said.

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Throughout the campaign, Mr Trump has used many of his speeches to lambast US groups such as Ford, Apple and Nabisco who have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas.

"We have to bring jobs back to this country," he told an audience of more than 10,000 people in Bethpage on Wednesday night. "We have to stop making terrible trade deals."

However, critics of Mr Trump have noted that both he and his daughter have been guilty of the same practice.

In an interview with CNN last year, Mr Trump admitted that most of his ties are produced in China. Donald Trump dress shirts, sold on Amazon, are manufactured in countries including China and Bangladesh, the website shows.

Robert Lawrence, a Harvard professor who has analysed which of Mr Trump's products are made overseas, found that Donald J Trump eyeglass frames, cufflinks and sports jackets were all made in China.

In an analysis of 832 clothing items and accessories sold by Ivanka Trump, Mr Lawrence found that at least 628 items were imported, 354 of which were made in China.

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