Now you can pay your taxes while buying a Slurpee

Janna Heron

You can now pay your taxes in cash at your local 7-Eleven store, thanks to new technology at the IRS.

The agency has teamed up with and PayNearMe so taxpayers can make payments up to $1,000 in cash at more than 7,000 7-Eleven locations in 34 states. Most stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it even easier for Americans to pay what they owe to the federal government.

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"We continue to look for new ways to provide services for our taxpayers," said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in a statement. "Taxpayers have many options to pay their tax bills by direct debit, a check or a credit card, but this provides a new way for people who can only pay their taxes in cash without having to travel to an IRS taxpayer assistance center."

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Taxpayers who want to pay in cash should visit the IRS payment website and select the cash option. They will receive an email confirming their basic information. Once the IRS verifies the taxpayer's information, they will receive an email with a link to the payment code and instructions for paying at 7-Eleven.

The convenience store will provide a receipt after taking the cash. The payment should post within two business days, the IRS said. There is a $3.99 fee for the service.

The IRS also accepts credit card and debit card payments, check or money orders and same-day wires for tax payment. For those who can't pay their taxes, the IRS offers a short 60 to 120-day extension to pay, but penalties and interest will apply. The agency also offers installment agreements with set payments each month.