Zepp 2: The pro hitting coach on your mobile device

Zepp 2 device
Source: Zepp
Zepp 2 device

Want to become the next Mike Trout or the next Jordan Spieth? A San Francisco-based start-up might be able to help.

Zepp, a San Francisco-based start-up, released this week the Zepp 2, a small piece of hardware that, when attached to a baseball/softball bat or a golf glove, can provide the user with real-time data about their swings.

The device connects directly to the user's mobile device via Bluetooth — either a smartphone or a tablet — and through its app, it tells users what they are doing right, where they need to improve and how they can improve.

The Zepp 2 replaces the original Zepp model, which was released November 2013. The new model is a touch lighter than the original, weighing less than 6 grams, and is a round device. The first Zepp model was squared.

"It's round for a couple of reasons. One is that round industrial design has more structural integrity than the square, and is also better for embedding the sensor into sports equipment," said Pat Nicholson, the firm's vice president of marketing.

"Inside that round sensor we have now two gyroscopes and two accelerometers, so it's going to be more accurate, especially at high-speeds."

The Zepp 2 sells for $149.99.

This is the latest instance in which technology has been adapted to help training athletes.

Recently, athletes at the college and professional ranks in baseball and football have been using virtual reality technology to help them train and avoid injuries in practice.