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Burgers, shaved ice and cheap hotel stays: Tax Day specials

Harriet Baskas, Special to CNBC
"The CPA" frostie
Source: Bananas Smoothies and Frozen Yogurt

Whether you're a taxpayer due an income tax refund this year or a filer waiting for the very last second to send the government a check, there are some money-saving, free and entertaining Tax Day rewards available.

Because of Washington, D.C.'s observance of Emancipation Day, which falls on April 15 this year, the IRS is deferring to the legal holiday. That means taxes aren't due until April 18.

The extra filing days give taxpayers time to find a few more deductions and, for those getting what the IRS reports as the average $2,800 refund, more time to plan their splurges. And if you're in need of a thrifty reward or a full-blown vacation, everything from cookies to burgers and cheap hotel stays are on offer.

For taxpayers getting refunds, Priceline offers some suggestions for frugal but fun May vacation spots that cost less than this year's average tax refund.

Using New York as a starting point, the travel site found three-day packages including airfare and three-, four- and five-star hotel stays for under $1,000 in Miami Beach, Las Vegas and San Juan. A $2,000 refund can get New Yorkers package vacations to resorts in Waikiki or St. Thomas.

And, for taxpayers getting a refund check from Uncle Sam for $3,000, Priceline suggests a 10-day cruise to Alaska, or a flight and hotel package to London or Australia.