Power Players at the Core Club

GrameenAmerica ceo Andrea Jung. And Women's Entrepreneurship Day Founder Wendy Diamond
Source: Women's Entrepreneurship Day
GrameenAmerica ceo Andrea Jung. And Women's Entrepreneurship Day Founder Wendy Diamond

In an extraordinarily exclusive club in the middle of New York City, a group of women have been meeting regularly for the past two years with one goal: Change the world.

While the Core Club in Manhattan usually operates as a private getaway for New York's top one-percent, the posh networking mecca has offered its marbled facilities to help benefit the women of the other 99%.

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Dubbed the "most exclusive breakfast series in Manhattan," Wendy Diamond, a serial entrepreneur and animal advocate, has spent the last two years curating some of the world's most influential women to discuss solutions to the global financial crisis that women face.

"Women worldwide have historically been underpaid, undervalued, underrepresented, underfunded- and underestimated We are a worldwide movement to change this," said Diamond. "Women-owned businesses are set to increase by 90% in the next five years. We need to change the status quo because lifting women creates economic opportunity, vitality locally and globally."

In 2014 Diamond founded Women's Entrepreneurship Day (which falls on November 19th, annually) to shed light on the inherent disadvantages women face in the business sector globally. Diamond needed a platform to get the most pivotal women of business to take up the cause with her, thus she created the "Core Series."

Diamond needed a platform to get some of the most influential women in business to take up the cause with her, thus she created the "Core Series at the Core Club.

The breakfast series, which doubles as both a think-tank and an ultimate networking event, has culminated some of the planet's foremost financial titans to share their ideas with one another.

Guest speakers have included billionaire Lynn Tilton, Gilt founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, National Finance co-chairman of Ready for Hillary Shelly Porges, HRH Princess Reema al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and most recently former Avon ceo and current ceo of GrameenAmerica Andrea Jung.

"Women's Entrepreneurship Day is an opportunity to not only celebrate the power of women entrepreneurship but also to remind people that without women entrepreneurship there is no economic progress and no social progress. I think that this is a major global issue and opportunity" said Jung.

During Jung's talk, she detailed her process of joining Apple's board of executives, including the three times she turned down Steve Jobs until finally accepting the position.

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The Core Club is no stranger to housing some of the most high profile guests of New York like Jung. The club prides itself on its luxurious nature with initiation fees starting at $50,000 dollars, not to mention the $15,000 in annual dues. Jennie Enterprise is the founder and chairman of Core:

"I'm thrilled that Core has the opportunity to host the Women's Entrepreneurship Day breakfast conversations with some of the world's most accomplished women. Wendy Diamond's series captures our vision of Core: as a dynamic incubator for the world's most innovative people," said Enterprise. "These provocative encounters enable our members to amplify the power of our community to understand and transform the global zeitgeist."

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