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Top 10 tax credits to claim on your 2015 return

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Every year, taxpayers fail to take advantage of the tax credits they're eligible for. With April 18 nearly upon us, make sure you're up to speed on any credits you may be able to claim, as that could make a serious dent in your tax burden or even result in the IRS writing you a nice check. (Note: Most 2015 individual income tax returns will actually be due on Monday, April 18 rather than Friday, April 15. Emancipation Day is an official public holiday in the District of Columbia. It usually falls on April 16, but when April 16 is a Saturday — which it is in 2016 — then Emancipation Day moves to the previous day, Friday.) looks at the top 10 tax credits you should keep in mind while preparing your 2015 return.

— By Jennifer Woods, special to
Posted 11 April 2016

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