Trump's a 'bully' and 'narcissist': Dick Kovacevich

Trump's obnoxious, a bully and a narcissist: Dick Kovacevich
Trump's obnoxious, a bully and a narcissist: Dick Kovacevich

Dick Kovacevich, former chairman and CEO at Wells Fargo, blasted GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Monday, saying he would not vote for the billionaire businessman.

"I think he's obnoxious. He's a bully. He's a narcissist. He debates on basis of personal insults and trivial soundbites," Kovacevich told CNBC's "Squawk Box." "I don't even know what his policies are. The times he comes out with policies, I don't think they make any sense. I would not vote for Donald Trump."

Kovacevich, traditionally a supporter of Republican candidates, did not say whom he would vote for, but predicted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would be the eventual Republican nominee during a contested convention this summer.

Republican voters, even if they're not completely enamored by Cruz, would probably find the first-term senator more palatable than Trump, said Kovacevich.

"There aren't a lot of good choices," he continued. "The negative rates on both Hillary [Clinton] and Ted Cruz are high. ... The Democrats don't trust Hillary. The Republicans don't trust Ted Cruz."

"I don't even know how you vote for a president you don't trust," Kovacevich said.