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Cramer: Roving bull market just getting started

Cramer: Bull market is just starting
Cramer: Bull market is just starting

For the past year, Jim Cramer has observed a ferocious phenomenon he calls the rolling bear market. One by one, each sector would head downhill as the bear sunk its claws into stocks.

Now it is time for the rolling bull market, and Cramer thinks it is just getting started.

"It is my job to recognize patterns, and what I see is that the rolling bear markets have been replaced by revolving bulls, and that is a pattern in its infancy, not on its last legs," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

Cramer defined a rolling bull market as each sector getting a lift, which prompts a revaluation that boosts all stocks. He saw the action occurring on the market on Wednesday.

It is my job to recognize patterns, and what I see is that the rolling bear markets have been replaced by revolving bulls.
Jim Cramer
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In the morning, he expected the worst from JPMorgan Chase's earnings. Bank earnings have been under pressure due to a combination of new restrictions, a slowdown in trading and investment banking and the belief that the world is too slow for banks to benefit from rate hikes that expand margins. Instead, JPMorgan hit a home run and the stock popped.

"That is classic bull market behavior, in that it didn't sucker people in and gave them an added benefit," Cramer said.

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The lift in JPMorgan promoted many other financials to suddenly catch fire, such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Those banks are due to report this week, and Cramer is doubtful that they will do as well as JPMorgan.

CSX also reported a number that was down big year over year, yet the stock rallied and had one of the biggest days in years. This caused transports to find a reason to rally. Metal stocks, which have struggled, also rebounded.

What made these moves happen? Cramer boiled it down to three reasons:

1) There was tremendous negativity.

2) The Federal Reserve is finally subdued.

3) Economies overseas have started to turn around. China reported an 11 percent increase in exports, and Europe is getting better.

Additionally, oil has been strong, which led many investors to believe they should be less cautious about growth. And while that could reverse with the OPEC meeting this weekend, and JPMorgan could soon be a distant memory, Cramer still thinks there could be many other sectors for the bull to run to.

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