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7 unforgettable biz names helping companies succeed

A BigAssFans mural in Lexington, Kentucky.

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They name to conquer ...

Often, a customer's first impression is derived straight from a business' name. In fact, the company name can be its most powerful marketing tool. Dull and vague and patrons will walk, drive or scroll right by. Unique and unforgettable and customers will take notice, share it on social media, and even proudly don the company T-shirt.

Take Big Ass Fans.

This home technology company, initially called the HVLS Fan Co. — for High Volume, Low Speed — made their mark in 1999, selling massive ceiling fans for huge spaces, such as warehouses and dairy barns. After a few years the company took a bold leap, changing its name to Big Ass Fans after customers kept calling and asking if they were the ones who made "those big-ass fans."

Its cool name paid off: Since opening its doors the company has grown to more than 900 employees and is on track to exceed $300 million in revenue for 2016.

"Our company name tells people: We're bold, we're direct, and we're contrarian. In the end, that's what a name should do," said Carey Smith, founder and Chief Big Ass.

Shocking, hilarious or outrageously clever, here are some other businesses names that are so memorable, they stand out from the crowd.

— By Barbara Booth, CNBC.com
Posted 15 April 2016

Source: BigAssFans