Golf declared legal by Chinese Communist party

Golf now declared legal by Chinese Communist Party

Golf has had a rough history in China, but as of this week it's officially legal to play the game there again, according The Guardian.

Communist leader Mao Zedong outlawed the "sport for millionaires" in the mid-20th century, but golf slowly gained popularity in the '80s and '90s. Then just last year, it was banned for the 88 million members of the Communist Party by current leader Xi Jinping, whose media apparatus has declared golf courses hotbeds of corruption.

This week, however, China's only political party declared through one of its mouthpiece newspapers that "playing golf itself is not a wrongdoing," according to The Guardian. Instead, the game is considered illicit only if party members fail to pay for the game out of their own pocket.

The game has a following in China, but was targeted by Xi as part of a broad campaign against official corruption.

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