$285K+ Ferarri 458 Spider crashed in England

Ferarri 458 Spyder
Source: Lancashire Road Police
Ferarri 458 Spyder

A man has crashed a Ferrari 458 Spider worth more than 200,000 pounds (more than $285,000) in Burnley, England.

The Lancashire Police told CNBC that it was called around midday Sunday after a reports of a collision. Officers found the Ferrari after it had collided with a wall and made no arrests. The police also said that the male, 25-year-old driver was uninjured.

CNBC has confirmed that the Ferrari 458 Spider belongs to Platinum Executive Travel. A spokesperson for the company said the company has recovered the vehicle and it is making its way back to its showroom.

Aleem Iqbal, also known as "Lord Aleem," whose father runs Platinum Executive Travel tweeted that he was not driving the car when it crashed.