Pro Talks: How Navellier wins the earnings game


Louis Navellier, who has built a thriving newsletter and money management business by finding stocks that beat earnings expectations, joined CNBC Pro for an exclusive strategy session on the way he develops his investment approach.

During his conversation with CNBC's Mike Santoli, the prominent money manager explained how he scores big gains during earnings season by sorting out companies with true fundamental strength from those masking weak results.

"If you're a basketball player, I'm going to rank you on your assists, your rebounds, your blocked shots. … Just like you can run a sports team, I run the portfolio by stacking the odds in my favor and then we go into earnings season locked and loaded," said Navellier.

The investor also shared some tips on the current earnings season, which he described as having "really slim pickings" in terms of companies with true underlying strength.

Navellier, who is a member of CNBC Pro's Platinum Portfolio, ranks near the top of the list, with his model portfolio up 8 percent this year compared with a return of 2 percent for the S&P 500.