Cramer: Analysts may downgrade this group

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

RR Donnelley and Sons: "Yes, it yields 6 percent. The company is breaking up. We have spoken many times to Tom Quinlan [CEO], we like the different parts he is giving you, so we like that yield. It's a good one."

American Water Works: "We've got to be careful of American Water Works. I was working on the charts this weekend, this stock has moved up, and up, and up because of a belief that the utilities are un-saleable and they are coming up for sale. I would ring the register on half and let the rest run."

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Metlife: "I think you're fine in Metlife. The problem is that today we were very jarred by the fact that Travelers, which has a remarkable record of not missing the quarter did miss the quarter. I think Metlife is fine, but you have to expect a little rockiness. I think some analyst is going to come out and downgrade the group because of what happened with Travelers."

SolarCity: "You are speculating in SolarCity. If you want earnings, go with First Solar. If you want to speculate that we are all going to have panels on our roofs, you go with SolarCity. I don't want that speculation, I prefer First Solar."

International Paper: "It yields 4 percent, and I think the world is getting better. They are buying the chemicals that usually go to the papers at the same time. Don't expect a quick recovery, but I think it is a stock to own right here."

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