Power Play: Watching home builders and airlines

Airplane and construction
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Darin Richards, CIO of AKT Wealth Advisors, thinks there are two standout areas to watch closely in the current market environment.

He shared his top picks with CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Monday.

Richards said airlines are one sector especially boosted by the low price of oil.

Despite the recent recovery, Richards thinks oil prices are likely to remain low as Iran's output hits the market and OPEC seems set on maintaining supply levels.

Richards adds that consumers are spending more on experiences and travel is one of those areas. Moreover, business travel is also increasing as hiring continues to improve.

Home builders are another attractive space for investors says Richards.

While this segment was hit hard after the Fed's rate hike in December, Richards says supply remains low and demand is robust.

He adds that home ownership remains near a 50-year low and rising rents will probably push prospective residents toward home ownership rather than renting.