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Now you can call on God to help make up your mind on ‘Brexit’

Church of England offering divine guidance for Brexit

If you need divine guidance on which way to vote in the forthcoming U.K. referendum on European Union (EU) membership, the Church of England has released a prayer to help that could help you decide.

The Church has published a "Prayer for the EU referendum campaign" on its website that can be used by churches and individuals ahead of the vote on June 23, the church said.

And here It is:

"God of truth,

give us grace to debate the issues in this referendum

with honesty and openness.

Give generosity to those who seek to form opinion

and discernment to those who vote,

that our nation may prosper

and that with all the peoples of Europe

we may work for peace and the common good;

for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.


The appeal for "honesty and openness" in the debate over a so-called "Brexit" could be good advice for campaigners for both the "Leave" and "Remain" camps, who have accused each other of fear-mongering and negative campaigning in their attempts to sway voters.

Those in the "Vote Leave" camp say Britain should leave the EU in order to regain its sovereignty, control of its borders and trade affairs. Those in the "Britain stronger in Europe" group say that the country is better-off in the EU in terms of security, the economy and political strength.

Brexit would be like tax on UK economy, says OECD

The debate has divided the country's political and business establishment and led to bitter debates between members of the same political parties. But the intervention of the Church of England, which was set up by King Henry VIII in the 16th century (his decision to separate from papal Rome was largely down to its refusal to allow the monarch to divorce Catherine of Aragon), has largely remained silent on the issue so far.

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