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Cramer: If I were CEO of Twitter, how I'd fix it

Jack Dorsey
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Move over, Jack Dorsey, there's a new CEO in town. As Jim Cramer sifted through the carnage left behind in technology stocks this week, he came to the conclusion that he could be CEO of Twitter.

"It's got a part-time CEO. I could swing that," the "Mad Money" host said.

On the surface, Cramer found a lot to like about Twitter when it reported. The one line in the release that destroyed everything for him was "revenue came in at the low end of our guidance because brand marketers did not increase spending as quickly as expected in the first quarter."

Memo to Twitter — you know I am right. Just go do it.
Jim Cramer

Cramer now considers Twitter to be a serial over-promise-and-under-deliver company in a market that is unforgiving. Therefore, Cramer found Twitter impossible to value, because investors now want to pay less for a company that can't do what it promises.

"I think Twitter is worth $3 or $4 less than where it is currently trading, and at that level it might get interesting on a takeover basis," Cramer

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What would Cramer do to fix the company if he took over as CEO?

He would first go to California Institute of Technology, M.I.T and Stanford and hire three top computer scientists from each. Then he would have them sit down with various senior citizens who are inexperienced with social media and see what problems they have using it.

Cramer thinks if Twitter can solve problems for them, it can solve problems for everyone. Both the advertisers and users will then follow.

"Memo to Twitter — you know I am right. Just go do it. And stop claiming what a great value proposition you are for advertisers; simply give us some real examples of companies that love your platform and have made money by advertising on it," Cramer said.

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