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Dunkin’ is ending its GranDDe Burrito promotion

Dunkin' CEO: Breakfast is the battleground

Burrito lovers may not find Dunkin' Donuts' "successful" burritos in-store for a while. The company's CEO, Nigel Travis, joined CNBC on Thursday and said that Dunkin' is making sure it's not left with excess products beyond the promotional time.

And while the promotion is set to be back, Travis told "Closing Bell" that there will be a replacement in no time.

"We have another great [limited time offer] next week," he said. "We tend to have a promotional period of one month, and then we give it a month to slow down."

The coffee company reported earnings on Thursday that beat analysts at Zacks investment research firm's expectations, on both its top and bottom line. The retailer cited that growth was boosted by coffee drinks and breakfast items.

The GranDDe Burrito, an all-day breakfast item, was one of the biggest drivers, and franchisees quoted it as one of the most successful promotions in Dunkin's recent history.

The Massachusetts-based company reported earnings-per-share of 44 cents, one cent above Zacks analysts' expectations. It reported revenues of $189.8 million, beating the firm's consensus estimate of $189 million. Still, the stock closed slightly down on Thursday.

In efforts to fulfill the company's five-point plan that aims to increase market share, announced at the end of last quarter, Travis said on Thursday that Dunkin' will launch on-the-go ordering in New York City next week. Members of its loyalty program can now order and pay via its mobile app.

"We think we have the best loyalty program out there," Travis said. "Based on all the analysis by the press, in our program it costs you about $40 bucks to get a free beverage any size, and on the Starbucks program it's about 50 percent more than that."

— Reuters contributed to this report.