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Tim Cook: Market doesn’t need to grow for Apple to grow

Tim Cook: Huge market potential in this country

Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC's Jim Cramer that with the amount of users switching from an Android to an iPhone, he feels great about the growth of Apple.

"That's really important, because what that says is, the market doesn't need to be growing hugely for Apple to grow," Cook said. (Tweet This)

While Apple's market share in emerging markets is relatively low, he still feels confident that it can grow with switchers. Cook said the number of people switching to Apple from Android was the largest ever in the last six months and is hitting new records.

Tim Cook
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

In Cook's perspective, in every country around the world, there is a segment and buyer that wants the best product and experience.

"That is what we are about providing. And we did fairly in China; we have done fairly well. Despite the short-term turbulence here, we are doing fairly well now," Cook said.

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So, for those doubting the growth of Apple, Cook sees nothing but opportunity for the future. Looking at the larger picture, he said what matters most is that the company operates in great markets, offers great opportunity geographically and packs fantastic opportunity in the pipeline.

"People love our products. They love using our services. All of this, to me, equals great opportunity," Cook said, "Now, your viewers have to decide what they want to do, obviously, but this is how I feel, and that is what I can attest to."

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