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-Stock futures are solidly lower after yesterday's losses. The ADP private sector employment report for April will be out at 830am Eastern.

-Mortgage applications were down 3.4% last week on another slight rate gain.

-Gold is losing some ground as the dollar is rebounding. We're off that $1,300/ounce level and back down below $1,280/ounce.


-Crude oil is flat and holding at the $43/barrel level for WTI.

-Even though we have a glut of shale oil, US oil imports are up 20% over last year.

-Gasoline prices are holding at $2.22/gallon, national average.


-Donald Trump won the Indiana primary and Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race. RNC Chairman Reince Preibus sent out a Tweet saying Republicans need to unite behind Trump and against Hillary Clinton.

-Bernie Sanders pulled off a surprise win in the Dem Indiana primary, casting more doubts about Hillary Clinton's ability to win over voters or gain a true mandate if she does win the White House.

-Odds makers are offering 2/1 odds on Trump winning the general election and 1/3 odds on Hillary Clinton.


-Pfizer is thinking of outbidding Sanofi for US cancer drug maker Medivation.


-Lockheed Martin is working on building a portable nuclear generator that could fit in the back of a truck and power a city of 100,000 people.

-The Navy SEAL just killed in Iraq was the grandson of savings and loan scandal centerpiece Charles Keating.


-A new study says medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in America.


-US airlines are reporting record profits even though customer complaints are soaring.

Google and Fiat/Chrysler have made a deal to make 100 self-driving minivans.


-Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran tells women entrepreneurs to "hike up their skirts."