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The creators behind Siri plan to unveil new digital assistant

Siri vs. Viv: A battle of digital assistants?

Apple's voice-controlled digital assistant, Siri, could soon be facing the fiercest competitor yet, and from her own creators.

The new system, called Viv, was developed by the team behind Siri and is expected to be unveiled on Monday, according to a report in The Washington Post.

Siri app
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Like Siri, Viv leverages artificial intelligence to sort through massive volumes of data in order to assist its users in administrative tasks, but it can also understand and place a detailed pizza delivery order, according to The Washington Post. And it won't be yet another separate app to open, according to the report.

Alphabet and Facebook have made bids to buy Viv and its technology, The Washington Post reported, citing unnamed sources.

Viv would be another step toward a world where consumers will connect with their technology without needing to type, click or even gesture.

Read the full report from The Washington Post here.