Finance chair: Trump can't self-fund in the general election

Donald Trump
Jim Young | Reuters
Donald Trump

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appealed to voters in the GOP primary with his ability to self-finance his campaign. Steven Mnuchin, Trump's campaign finance chair, doesn't foresee Trump self-funding in the general election.

"Given the size and the scale of this, and we are going to be raising over $1 billion, I don't believe that anybody would expect that he would be funding that himself," said Mnuchin on CNBC's "Squawk Alley."

The Trump campaign will be relying on a mix of party cooperation and gifts from supporters, according to Mnuchin. The campaign is in the process of signing a joint fundraising agreement with the party, he said. Small-and-medium-size gifts will play a large role in fundraising as well.

If that sounds too conventional for Trump's unconventional campaign, voters may be in for a surprise. "Like everything else in the campaign, nothing is completely conventional, but as it relates to the fundraising, we will have some conventional aspects and some new aspects," said Mnuchin.

Trump's "broad-based support" stems from his economic plans, according to Mnuchin. The ability to explain Trump's ideas, specifically his tax simplification plans, will be a major factor in selling Trump to would-be supporters, he said.