Scenes from Carnival's historic voyage to Cuba

Carnival's cruise to Cuba

Carnival Corporation's CEO and President Arnold Donald and Fathom President Tara Russell toast the passengers, the crew and the historic voyage as Carnival's Adonia pulled away from Miami, Florida on its way to Cuba.
Justin Solomon | CNBC

The 704-passenger Adonia cruise ship made history this week by sailing from Miami to Havana. In doing so, the vessel became the first U.S. leisure ship to travel from the U.S. to Cuba in more than 50 years.

The Adonia was part of Carnival's Fathom brand, based around so-called "impact travel" where passengers not only take part in the usual cruise activities like eating, drinking and sun-bathing, but have the opportunity to learn from and work with locals in each port of call.

Carnival CEO Arnold Donald told CNBC in an on-board interview that the company was "delighted" to be the first U.S. company to dock in a Cuban port in decades. To mark the occasion, CNBC compiled the following pictures that show both the ship and the atmosphere in Havana when the vessel docked.

— By CNBC's Justin Solomon
Posted 7 May 2016

'It's an honor...and a privilege'

Carnival Corporation's CEO and President Arnold Donald.
Justin Solomon | CNBC

Carnival CEO Arnold Donald basks in the glow of his company's historic voyage, just before the Adonia leaves Miami.

Party on a boat

Carnival Cruise's Adonia as it departs Miami, Florida and begins a historic voyage to Havana, Cuba.
Justin Solomon | CNBC

Passengers linger on the deck of the Adonia as it departs the Port of Miami.

Crowds in Cuba await the Adonia's arrival

A large crowd in Havana, Cuba waiting for the arrival of Carnival's Adonia cruise ship.
Justin Solomon | CNBC

The view from Havana as the Adonia completed its voyage on Monday morning. Large crowds of island residents and visitors watch the ship's approach.

Sailing into history

Carnival Cruise's Adonia arrives in Havana, Cuba, becoming the first U.S. cruise ship to dock in that country since 1959.
Justin Solomon | CNBC

Crowds gather aboard the ship and wave as Cuba's coastline draws nearer in the distance.

Turning the corner

U.S. Carnival cruise ship Adonia arrives at the Havana bay, the first cruise liner to sail between the United States and Cuba since Cuba's 1959 revolution.
Alexandre Meneghini | Reuters

Cubans watch the Adonia as it arrives in Havana's port.

Land ho!

Cubans watch as the first US-to-Cuba cruise ship to arrive in the island nation in decades glides into the port of Havana, on May 2, 2016.
Adalberto Roque | AFP | Getty Images

The past and the future collide: A vintage car sits in the parking lot near where the Adonia is docked.