London's new mayor takes on Donald Trump, religious extremism, and a Brexit: Report

Newly-elected mayor of London Sadiq Khan has told the publication Time that he could not visit the United States because of his Muslim faith if Trump were elected president.

Khan became London's first Muslim mayor on Saturday. He told the publication that Trump's controversial policy stances could make it hard for him to visit the world's largest economy and one of the U.K.'s strongest international allies.

"If Donald Trump becomes the president I'll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith, which means I can't engage with American mayors and swap ideas," Kahn told Time in an interview. "I'm confident that Donald Trump's approach to politics won't win in America."

Last year, the GOP frontrunner made waves when he called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants due to terrorism concerns—drawing condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans alike. A representative from the Trump campaign did not immediate respond to CNBC's request for comment on Monday.

Kahn said that turning communities against each other is not "conducive to living successfully and amicably," the publication reported. The newly-elected mayor described himself to TIME as the "antidote" to hatred, and said he brings unique experience to the table when dealing with Muslim extremists.

He also addressed a potential British exit from the European Union, telling TIME it would be "catastrophic for our city".

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