Want to live like a Disney princess? This fairytale palace may cost you $2.5B

Princess Jasmine's palace in Disney's "Aladdin" would retail at £1.75 billion ($2.53 billion) on the U.K. property market, according to online estate agency, House Network.

The agency, which claims to be the U.K.'s largest online, has valued four of the most famous Disney palaces and castles, using current U.K. house prices as a barometer.

The Sultan's Palace came out as most expensive, followed by the King's Castle in "Cinderella," which is seen selling for £83.6 million.

House Network

Disney characters' real estate:

  1. The Sultan's Palace, Aladdin: £1.75 billion
  2. King's Castle, Cinderella, £83.6 million
  3. Beast's Castle, Beauty and the Beast, £15 million
  4. Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid, £4 million
  5. The Dwarfs' Cottage, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, £250,000

Both the Sultan's Palace and the King's Castle are assumed to be based in the super-expensive capital of London, as befits royalty. The Sultan's Palace comes with 12 towers, a throne room, walled gardens, lair and dungeons and is set over two floors.

Home Network estimates the footage of the Sultan's Palace at 1.15 million square-feet, using its front gate for scale. Based on West London prices, that would put its price at £1.92 billion, but Home Network has knocked value off the palace due to location difficulties – it was relocated by evil sorcerer Jafar to a remote mountain top before being returned to its original location.

The King's Castle in "Cinderella" is built in late-gothic style and features 27 white towers, a private moat and a wedding chapel. As with the Sultan's Palace, the asking price of £83.6 million is based on West London prices.

Beast's Castle

For those fancying an out-of-town location, there is the Beast's Castle ("Beauty and the Beast"), nestled in a deep forest on a mountain top, or Prince Eric's Castle ("The Little Mermaid"), beside the sea.

Being outside the capital, the prices are a little lower, with the Beast's Castle retailing for £15 million and Prince Eric's Castle going for £4 million.

Both the properties feature stunning views, with the Beast's Castle coupling seclusion with easy access to a quaint nearby village. It also has highly trained staff and enchanted furniture.

House Network calculated its £15 million value using current for-sale prices for U.K. castles, before adding value to reflect its 60 grand rooms and mountain-top location.

Prince Eric's castle, meanwhile, has its own keep and courtyard and at least 10 rooms. Current coastal properties in the U.K. sell for the seven figures, said House Network, which added premium to the castle to reflect its private docks and beach.

The Dwarf's Cottage

For a cheaper, but still charming property, the Dwarf's Cottage in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," would retail for £250,000, according to House Network.

It has only two bedrooms, but can sleep eight people, if small enough. It has spectacular views of the surrounding forest and surprisingly easy access to road networks.

The £250,000 price is based on similar period properties in Devon in southwest England, according to House Network.