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Cramer: Robots in the home? Yes please


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

MFA Financial: "No, these are black boxes. These are companies that trade the yield curve or they trade asset backed securities, and they are too hard for us to be able to figure out exactly what they do. I like a traditional real estate investment trust, like a Federal Realty or a Ventas."

Avon Products: "I am so rooting for Sheri McCoy, who is the CEO and came on and laid out the story. But not yet. We've got to get a couple of quarters under our belt here."

iRobot Corporation: "I think that this is one of those situations, I like products that are in the home. I like Whirlpool, which didn't have Brazil, we had Sherwin-Williams on this morning ringing the bell. I think this one fits the whole profile. Let's not forget, Home Depot is king though."

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Workday: "The other day someone put a sell-out on Workday saying that there is a bunch of new software. An accounting standard that they won't be able to make it so that they get as much business ... As far as I'm concerned, I'm not buying it and I think that Workday is good."

PG&E Corporation: "I pay them often enough that they can raise the dividend themselves. Be careful, Con Ed just did a big secondary. That might be attracting a lot of money."

CenturyLink Inc: "Activists like to be in good situations, they don't like to be in situations that are struggling. I am worried about that dividend, candidly ... There was a bunch of research that came out that made me question the safety of that dividend. I never reach for dividends, ever."

B&G Foods: "Oh my that was such a great quarter. We were so affiliated with that stock for so long. They got new management, we've always liked them. We like the yield and then they do this gigantic quarter, and they're not on to talk about it? That seems wrong to me. B&G Foods, come back."

Xerox Corp: "I know the quarter wasn't that good, but I like the break up of the company. I urge you to stick with it. Now, we're down about 75-cents, 80-cents on the recommendation, but I think that the value is there and there really was a one time problem and that company will be OK."

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