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Cramer's game plan: The one retail stock money managers want to own

Jim Cramer's game plan for next week

Jim Cramer often refers to next week as the official start to earnings off-season. Gone are the days of too many stories and not enough investors to listen to them.

"Next week is big for retail and tech, and I think the former is hated enough and the latter is viewed so skeptically that there could be some money made buying, instead of selling," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, Cramer reviewed the game plan of stocks on his radar next week:

Monday: Agilent
Cramer has predicted multiple times that Agilent would be too valuable to stay independent. This is a company that was initially part of Hewlett-Packard but was dumped because it lacked the growth the rest of the company had at the time. Now Agilent is having the last laugh as its business is growing, while Hewlett's industry based on the P.C. is in a secular decline.

If Agilent reports a good quarter, Cramer thinks it will be very hard for this company to stay independent in an industry that is quickly consolidating.

Tuesday: Home Depot, TJX
Home Depot: According to Cramer, Home Depot is not a play on the destruction of retail, it's an investment on improving household formation, more spending on your house, and the continual attempts to do it yourself rather than pay someone to do it for you.

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"I can tell you that most money managers I know are desperate to own one retailer. Home Depot is the one they want to own," Cramer said.

TJX: Cramer has heard rumblings that TJX could be suffering from the same fate as other mall-based retailers. Yet, Cramer doesn't think it is under the same circumstances as those retailers, so he isn't concerned with that. He will wait to see how it does.

Wednesday: Lowe's, Target, L Brands,, Cisco
Lowe's: Cramer is concerned about Lowe's because it just spent $2.3 billion to buy a Canadian retailer.

"I love Canada, but it's been a real investing graveyard for pretty much everything as of late," he said.

Target: While some investors are concerned about Target, Cramer thinks it is being reinvented into a fun, convenient place to shop. He warned not to write it off just yet, especially with that 3 percent yield.

Cisco: Somehow Wall Street is betting against this stock and pegs it as the next tech company to fall. Cramer doesn't get it. It has shown signs of pricing pressure, but that is why Cramer has been buying it for his charitable trust. He considers it to be a cheap and low-risk way to invest in the ascending internet-of-things revolution.

Thursday: Dick's Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart: With the stock up 8 percent for the year and a 3 percent dividend, Cramer wishes there was another reason for him to own the stock besides the yield. He will be watching the quarter for that reason.

Friday: Campbell Soup, Deere, Footlocker
Campbell Soup: Officially deemed as the unlikely hero of this year, it's up 25 percent for the year particularly because it is transforming itself into a natural and organic play. However, Cramer warned investors that they could be late to the party if they buy the stock ahead of the quarter.

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