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Trump weighs in on Brexit, says EU has been 'disaster'

Jessica Hartogs, Special to
Trump chiming in on the 'Brexit'
Trump chiming in on the 'Brexit'

Never one to shy away from headlines, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has weighed into the Brexit debate, stating, "If I were from Britain, I would probably not want [the EU]."

Trump made his remarks while speaking to presenter Piers Morgan for the UK's Good Morning Britain TV show adding that, if he were to become president in the November elections, a U.K. outside of Europe would not be put to the "back of the queue" as President Barack Obama had threatened a few weeks back.

"I am going to treat everybody fairly but it wouldn't make any difference to me whether they were in the EU or not," Trump said. "You would certainly not be back of the queue, that I can tell you."

Donald Trump (l) and London Mayor Sadiq Khan (r).
Trump to make exception for London’s new mayor under Muslim travel ban: Report

Trump said that the EU is "very bureaucratic and very difficult" and has been a "disaster," according to the interview.

Trump added that were he to become president, his relationship with UK Prime Minister would not be very friendly after David Cameron called Trump's plan to temporarily ban Muslims from traveling to the U.S. as "divisive and stupid."

Trump was also recently criticized on what he called a "temporary ban" by London's new mayor Sadiq Khan, who is Muslim and of Pakistani heritage, and said that Trump's views on Islam were "ignorant."

Trump told Morgan that he "didn't care" about the London mayor and thought his statements were "very rude," reported ITV.

The interview on is set to air in full on Monday on the UK's ITV television channel.

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