Cramer: What the heck happened to this stock? I can't figure it out

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Blackhawk Network: "I think the company pretty much laid out a case about why you can't own it. I mean not right now, because the adoption has been slow because of certain things having to do with the mechanics of your credit card. So, let's put it on hold for now until that transition is done." "We actually investigated this for three days. We cannot figure it out! I want to come on. If not, I'm going to put the fill-or-kill team that we have at at The Street on this thing. I cannot figure what the heck happened to"

Advanced Micro Devices: "I think it did have a move, a big move on a percentage basis. Now it is going to come in a little and I would not chase it. Let it come in."

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Gilead Sciences: "I'm glad you mentioned long term because that's what matters in this situation. They have a lot of cash. They need to do an acquisition. I think they should have known that. I think they should have been doing it already and the fact that they haven't has left people thinking, what are they doing with all that cash? They have got to diversify."

LendingTree: "Let's get Doug Lebda [CEO] on to ask him. The lending business right now I have soured on, but that doesn't mean I have necessarily soured on LendingTree. Let's get Doug on and find out what's going on."

Ship Finance International Ltd: "Wow I know that GE came out today and said some good things about bulk shipping, but that's both oil and dry bulk. I don't know it well enough to opine. I've got to do more work, so let's check out Ship Finance."

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