Wynn's answer to Nevada drought: A massive waterpark

Wynn Resorts plans a water park, despite Nevada drought

A Las Vegas casino magnate is proposing an extravagant water paradise in drought-stricken Nevada.

The Paradise Park development proposal unveiled by Wynn Resorts in April is anchored by a 38-acre man-made lake where an 18-hole golf course now sits in Las Vegas.

But skepticism about the project's environmental claims includes questions about evaporation, drought and the unethical or unnatural use of water.

This comes at a time when and a place where the scarcity and preciousness of H20 has become a part of the public's conscience all across a dry and thirsty Western U.S.

"Paradise Park is ... taking advantage of imagination and fantasy on property that we own for zero (dollars), with water rights that we own for zero — and we're the only ones that have them at this size," Wynn said on a May 5 earnings call. "And we're going to do it with solar power, and we're going to use less water than a golf course, so we're going to be very green at the same time."

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