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Question of character: Walt Disney warns Wanda over Snow White, Captain America

Walt Disney slams Wanda for knockoff characters

What would Nick Fury say? Walt Disney has announced that it is ready to act to protect its intellectual property in China after Marvel's Captain America was spotted at a rival's theme park in Nanchang, China Daily reports.

Captain America, a character from Disney-owned Marvel Entertainment, and Snow White appeared at Dalian Wanda Group Co's new theme park in Jiangxi province in eastern China.

The park opened in the weekend as part of a bid to take on Disney's new Shanghai facility which is set for a June 16 launch.

China Daily reported that Disney issued a statement saying that it "vigorously" protects its intellectual property.

"Our characters and stories have delighted generations, these illegal and substandard imitations unfortunately disappoint all who expect more."

Wanda said in a reply, China Daily reported, that the non-Wanda characters were operated by individual stores within Wanda Mall and did not represent Wanda.

CNBC contacted both Walt Disney and Dalian Wanda but had not received comment by the time this article was published.

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