Code Conference

Twitter CEO fields questions on turnaround plans

Jack Dorsey at the 2016 Code Conference.
Asa Mathat | Vox Media

Another year, another Twitter CEO sits in the red chair at Code Conference answering the exact same question: How long do you have to turnaround this company?

But CEO Jack Dorsey said he is not focused on that. Instead, he is concentrating on updating the product as quickly as possible in line with a set of specific priorities.

Dorsey stepped up to the plate to replace on former CEO Dick Costolo on July 1, 2015.

"My focus right now is on velocity," said Dorsey in an onstage interview.

Dorsey's top two priorities are making Twitter the best platform for discovering what is happening now in real time, and facilitating conversations that so everyone can benefits from those public discussions.

"That is the essence of what we are," said Dorsey.

"To me, what matters most — and where I want to show the meaningful progress — is how quickly we can ship against those and how quickly we can show that we provide daily utility to people," said Dorsey.

When pressed on how he measures success, Dorsey said it's all about user numbers, something Wall Street has been equally focused on.

"We have a report card every single day — it's how many people are using our platform, how many people are valuing it and that is what we're focusing on," he said.

In Twitter's most recent earnings report released in April, the company reported it had grown monthly active users to 310 million, up from 305 million at the end of 2015.

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