Can WeWork's culture translate to Asia?

Asia's most innovative co-working spaces
Asia's most innovative co-working spaces

From The Hub to The Hive, there's no shortage of co-working spaces popping up throughout Asia.

Now, New York-based, WeWork is planning to expand in the region this year by opening initial locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul, a senior executive told CNBC.

WeWork currently has 100 locations across the world and the company's valuation is pegged at $17 billion by some accounts.

In a recent round of funding, the company raised $780 million.

"WeWork has a real focus and belief that we're building a global network of entrepreneurs and businesses," Michael Gross, WeWork's Vice-Chairman, told CNBC on Friday at the sidelines of Converge, a technology conference in Hong Kong hosted by the Wall Street Journal and f.ounders.

Big names moving into co-sharing work spaces
Big names moving into co-sharing work spaces

WeWork prides itself on its culture, where it regularly hosts pitch events for entrepreneurs to have access to advice and even funding.

Recently, WeWork has pushing to expand its member base from predominantly entrepreneurs and freelancers, to enterprise companies including the likes of GE, Dell, IBM and Microsoft. "The second biggest fixed cost for most companies is real estate, so we're giving companies a much more affordable solution," Gross said.

In addition to branching toward enterprise members, WeWork is also expanding its services and testing out spaces where members actually live together, called, WeLive.