Cramer: Never short a dull market

It was clear to Jim Cramer that the market was taking a breather on Thursday. It was a dull session with nothing to trade off of and Cramer was bored.

With decent demand for commodities — a sign Cramer interpreted as being good global economic growth — and the Federal Reserve on hold, there wasn't much going on.

"There is only one problem with this benign market. You still need to feed the bull, and there just is not enough news flow to move the needle at the moment," the "Mad Money" host said.

So, Cramer went down the list of the stocks and events on his radar to gauge where they could be headed.

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"I learned early on 'never short a dull market.' Since this may be the dullest market I have seen in ages, what can I say?" -Jim Cramer

J M Smucker delivered a fantastic earnings report thanks to strong K-cup sales and the acquisition of Big Heart pet food. The stock roared 8 percent in response, as analysts were stunned by the results.

Then there was Restoration Hardware that delivered a negative quarter that sent the stock plunging 21 percent. The stock is now down 64 percent year-to-date. It was as bad as JM Smucker was good. Traders took down Williams-Sonoma simply because they associated it to Restoration.

"Believe me when I say that nothing has changed at Williams-Sonoma in the last few weeks," Cramer said.

As for oil, it maintained its level around $50 a barrel. On Friday, Baker Hughes will release its rig count and Cramer wants investors to see oil to go even lower if more rigs come online.

"Oil is the most important gauge of this market and an oil decline pretty much eliminates any upside," Cramer said.

Finally, there was Apple. Despite slumping mall traffic, it seemed to Cramer this was the only store that still remains crowded, hence the reason the stock was up almost 1 percent.

"I learned early on 'never short a dull market.' Since this may be the dullest market I have seen in ages, what can I say? The thing is resting, working off all that bullishness. And nothing more, or less for that matter," Cramer said.

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