Top energy analyst Rothman sees oil surging to $85

Michael Rothman, whom many consider to be the best energy analyst on Wall Street, predicts oil prices will surge above $85 a barrel by the end of the year. His comments came during an in-depth strategy session exclusive for CNBC PRO subscribers.

Rothman is president of Cornerstone Analytics, a research firm where he advises governments, the Saudi royal family, and a range of domestic and international institutional clients including Boone Pickens. Previously, Rothman was head of energy strategy at ISI and Merrill Lynch.

Since closing at a 13-year low Feb. 11, oil has rallied more than 85 percent, closing above the $50 mark last week for the first time since July.

Here are some of the other topics discussed during the strategy session hosted by CNBC's Mike Santoli:

  • His views on the global demand-supply picture and why the consensus may have it all wrong.
  • How investors can stay ahead of the curve by looking at one factor that tells the real story on actual oil demand.
  • North American crude production and whether it will be enough to move the needle.
  • Future of alternative energy and electric cars.
  • Role of speculators in energy markets.