Trump to Address House Republicans on July 7

Candidate for the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump
Samuel Corum | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images
Candidate for the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump

Donald Trump is heading back to Capitol Hill.

The presumptive Republican nominee will address House Republican on Thursday, July 7, a House leadership aide told NBC News Tuesday.

Trump, who met in person with Congressional Republican leadership in May on the Hill, was invited during that visit by House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) to come back and address the entire conference. She announced the date of Trump's address to members — less than two weeks before the Republican National Convention kicks off — this morning at a weekly closed door meeting. Exact timing and location are still being worked out.

"Since Mr. Trump became the presumptive nominee, Members have asked for us to organize an opportunity for our Conference to spend time with him before the convention. The chairwoman announced to Members at the morning's Conference that on July 7th they will have the chance to meet with Mr. Trump; share their policy priorities, learn about his plans to unite the party; and get details about his plans to move America forward," an aide to McMorris Rodgers told NBC News.

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This address will come five weeks after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan cautiously endorsed the presumptive GOP nominee and will likely mark the pairs next face-to-face encounter.

House Republicans are currently unveiling their election-year agenda — A Better Way — to show how Republicans would govern if the party takes back the White House which leadership hopes a Trump administration would embrace.