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Brewer mocks Donald Trump with 'Dumb Donald' beer

Chicago-based Spiteful Brewing is the latest craft brewer to find inspiration in Donald Trump.

Spiteful, known for the creative artwork on its labels, announced the release a new Key Lime Double IPA named "Dumb Donald" in a tweet on Monday.

The tweet included the brew's label artwork, which features a hunched over part-man, part-monkey figure with a striking resemblance to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

"Dumb Donald is well, dumb. So dumb in fact, we named a beer after him," the note on the label for Dumb Donald Double IPA reads.


"It's like he got caught in a pause halfway through evolution. His brain still functions, at a minimal level with a vocabulary of a second grade student," the label continues. "You might even start to feel sorry for this man-child. Resist that urge, pop open this Key Lime IPA and pretend you're on a faraway island where people like Dumb Donald simply don't exist."

Spiteful isn't the first Chicago brewery to turn its attention to Trump.

5 Rabbit Brewery announced in June of last year it would no longer provide an exclusive private label beer for a bar and lounge located in Chicago's Trump International Hotel & Tower. The move came after Trump made derogatory comments regarding Mexican immigrants while announcing his bid for the presidency.

5 Rabbit would later release a new batch of that beer, with a name insulting Trump's hair, in advance of the Illinois primary in March.

Trump has proven to be fertile ground for other craft brewers, including Dock Street Brewing Company. The Philadelphia-based brewer has created a series of anti-Trump beers under the name "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drumpf," a reference to a popular John Oliver episode where the comedian urged viewers to refer to Trump as "Drumpf."