5 questions for Janet Yellen & the Fed

Janet Yellen
Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Janet Yellen

1. Does being "data dependent" really mean that just one bad economic report, (the May jobs report), can sway the decision making process?

2. How do you square the fact that "growth in economic activity appears to have picked up,"' even as "job gains have diminished?"

3. Following up on #2, is there any discussion inside the Fed that we may be undergoing a massive, structural shift in the economy in which technology is supplanting labor to an extent that "jobless recoveries" may be the way of the future, (note the unemployment rate has come down, but so has the labor force participation rate... a very important trend).

4. Why was a potential 'Brexit' factored into the decision making process at all? Convince us that having rates 1/4% higher or lower is going to matter in mitigating the impact of such a seismic, long-term shock as Britain leaving the EU? (Alternative question: would a UK vote to leave the EU then mean the Fed would *cut* rates in July?)

5. Why did voting Fed member Esther George withdraw her dissent? (At the April meeting George wanted to raise rates.)

Commentary by Brian Sullivan, co-host of CNBC's "Power Lunch." Follow him on Twitter @SullyCNBC.