Cramer: Media sending you off the scent for this stock

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

GW Pharmaceuticals: "I'm saying that it's a big speculative stock, and I do believe that medical marijuana needs to be standardized. That is what GW Pharma has, but boy is it ever speculative."

Novocure: "That should be higher. That stock has come down a lot. Holy cow! We think it's an OK stock. I want to be a buyer of it. I like the CEO."

Edwards Lifesciences Corp: "This is a Brexit stock. It's already up 25 percent for the year, that's why it sold off. There were some negative articles about it that I think are sending people off the scent. You don't have to break the chest cavity to do to this, this is the future. I think you should buy the stock."

B&G Foods: "We had a big win with that one for everybody, BGS. I wish the company would come back because it's just got a great panoply of companies and brand names within it. The stock has had a run but it still yields 3.7 percent. I'm going to hesitate recommending it all the way up here though, because boy we recommended it literally in the $20s and it's at $45."

American Tower Corp: "This week we reiterated that we think it's a buy. Why? Because it's the way around having to put up a lot of different towers. You just rent some towers, and they've got the right ones."

LTC Properties Inc: "No, if I'm going to go long-term care I am still going to send you — even after all this — to Deb Cafaro [CEO of Accenture]."

Patrick Industries: "This is one of those housing plays that is just a very good stock. What can I say? Now that the Fed is on hold with interest rates, it will probably continue."

Frontline Ltd: "No, we are passing on Frontline. We feel really good about the Nordic American Tanker deal with Exxon. That is the one I'm back on. Herbjorn Hansson [CEO] is making money for his shareholders."

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