Cramer Remix: Avoid these stocks like the plague in the week ahead

With palpable fear in the market that Britain could vote to leave the European Union next week, this whole situation is starting to feel a little Greek to Jim Cramer.

"Even if that unknown event happens, it won't lead to the chaos that many seem to be expecting," the "Mad Money" host said.

The last time Cramer went through a possible Europe break-up was when Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy were threatening to default on their debt in 2011. That situation would have been felt all over the world, though the European central bank was ready for the worst.

"If the U.K. leaves the European Union, it will be dealt with. Whatever happens, it likely won't drag out the way Greece did," Cramer said.

He expects the pajama traders to come out of the woodwork, of course, which means hedge funds will trade in lockstep with Europe. However, even if the U.K. voted to leave, it won't break-up the euro. This isn't as bad as the European debt crisis. However, he did recommend avoiding the financials like the plague.

Instead, Cramer will be focused on stocks that have robust yield and growth, like AT&T, Gneral Mills, Bristol-Myers or American Electric Power.

Cramer has a hard enough time trying to figure out the trajectory of a stock when it isn't a battleground. But with Viacom, there are simply too many questions.

Who is running the company? Who will be fired? Who is really on the board? Is Sumner Redstone capable of running the company?

"Sometimes there is just no good way to value a stock. That is how I feel about Viacom," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer found the earnings just as puzzling. In an update on its June quarter financial expectations on Friday, Viacom reported that it only expects to earn between $1 and $1.05 a share for the third quarter of 2016. This was below the $1.38 per share expected by Wall Street.

"I say stay away, it is just too crazy, too murky, and way too hard to put a price tag on this soap opera's outcome," Cramer said.

Another place Cramer looked for opportunity was the initial public offering (IPO) market, though it has been practically non-existent in 2016. With only 38 companies going public so far this year, Jim Cramer said that's downright anemic compared to the 170 deals in the first half of 2015.

Additionally, there haven't been many opportunities for IPOs that Cramer would consider even worthwhile —until now.

"Unlike so many IPOs we have seen in the past year, SiteOne has actually gotten off to a pretty good start," the "Mad Money" host said.

SiteOne Landscape Supply is the only nationwide wholesale distributor of landscape supplies in the U.S. Locations that span 44 states, and it distributes more than 90,000 different products. Essentially, it's a one-stop-shop for anything a landscape design.

One group of stocks has been quietly working their way higher in the past year. Believe it or not, there was a stealth bull market for water utilities. Typically investors don't expect huge moves, yet Aqua America is up 35 percent in the past year, and American Water Works is up 57 percent in the same period.

"Those are incredible gains for any kind of a company, they are staggering for a couple of water utilities," Cramer said.

However, while the moves have been amazing, they could be gone. In the case of water stocks, Cramer thinks investors looking to get in are too late for the party as the opportunity is not as great as one once was.

However, utilities could present more opportunity if there was a market-wide sell-off. Dominion is the largest gas and electric utility in the U.S., and has a juicy 3.8 percent yield.

And with the stock close to its highs, Cramer is hoping that market weakness will take the stock down next week to create a buying opportunity.

In February, Dominion announced it was buying Questar for $4.4 billion, and shareholders approved the merger last month. The deal is supposed to be immediately additive to Dominion's earnings once the acquisition closes. To learn more, Cramer spoke with Dominion's chairman and CEO Tom Farrell.

"Looking out long term … we wanted to make sure that we had diversity of geography, so that we could continue to expand our gas infrastructure business once the East gets built up. That's going to take a decade, but with a company like Dominion you need to be thinking out longer than how this quarter is going to go or how this year is going to go. You need to be thinking much longer term," Farrell said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

GW Pharmaceuticals: "I'm saying that it's a big speculative stock, and I do believe that medical marijuana needs to be standardized. That is what GW Pharma has, but boy is it ever speculative."

Novocure: "That should be higher. That stock has come down a lot. Holy cow! We think it's an OK stock. I want to be a buyer of it. I like the CEO."