Tesla Model S 'swims' through a flooded tunnel

With the arrival of electric transport, there's a notion that battery-powered cars are subject to more damage in a storm or major flood than gasoline-powered vehicles.

But a recent video that shows a Tesla Model S driving past cars powered by internal-combustion engines in a flooded Kazakhstan tunnel could influence that perception, according to Electrek.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out a Tweet in response to the video, saying,

Musk later tweeted that he still plans to create a submarine-like sports car similar to the one seen in James Bond's "The Spy Who Loved Me." Musk, who purchased the Lotus Esprit used in the film, has previously said he would like "to see if we can make it do what it appears to do in the movie for real."

Electrek notes that regardless of the type of vehicle, a driver shouldn't let the entire undercarriage of their vehicle be submerged. Even though the battery pack on the Model S is sealed, submerging the vehicle could nonetheless cause complications, the site said.

For more, read Electrek's report.