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-Stock futures are up as investors continue to feel that the chances are subsiding for the UK will leave the EU in Thursday's vote. The markets are also eyeing Fed Chair Janet Yellen's testimony.

-Here's a Yellen testimony preview.

-Lower working skills men are dropping out of the workforce in America at the highest pace of any country in the OECD other than Italy.


-George Soros and Nouriel Roubini are both predicting financial disaster if the "Leave" camp votes to bolt the EU.

-The vote remains split along generational lines, with the "Remain" side relying on younger voters to turn out.


-Crude is down back to just below the $49/barrel level.

-Gasoline prices fell a penny overnight to $2.32/gallon, national average.


-Hillary Clinton more than doubled Donald Trump's fundraising total in May.

-Mrs. Clinton will deliver an economic speech today attacking Trump's business record.

-After Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired yesterday, Trump's New York campaign director Michael Caputo stepped down after he responded to the Lewandowski news with a celebratory Tweet.

-Trump and Mrs. Clinton are running neck-and-neck in the battleground swing states.

-A 19-year-old British man has been arrested for allegedly trying to kill Donald Trump this weekend in Las Vegas.

-Airbnb's CEO is weighing in against Trump.


-Japan is ready to shoot down a North Korean missile after detecting launch prep now proceeding there.

-Investigators are trying to figure out why Orlando terror shooter Omar Mateen bought $9,000 worth of jewelry just a few days before the attack.


-A new Urban Institute study says the nation is on track to spend less on healthcare than previously thought. But it's not clear whether it's because of the still sluggish economy, high Obamacare premiums and co-pays discouraging patients, or actual cost efficiencies from Obamacare without reductions in care.